Selling A Business

selling a business

Selling a Business with Business Broker, Glen Brown

Want to know how to sell your business? Get the help of a business broker who is also an experienced entrepreneur like you. First of all, Glen Brown has founded, bought and sold businesses of his own. Therefore, he understands your point of view and takes the time to get to know his clients. Additionally, he understands the buyer’s point of view and can effectively market your business and negotiate a fair price. Whether you are ready to retire, or moving on to the next venture, you will face many questions about selling your current business. You can rely on Glen Brown for all the answers.

For the best results with the sale of your business, turn to expert business broker Glen Brown. Because he personally guides you through the process, taking all your goals and values into consideration, he offers a customized plan just for your business.

Step 1: How Much is Your Business Worth?

Setting a fair price is the most critical step in the successful sale of your business. It requires a precise analysis of your business, the industry and the marketplace. Determining how much a business is currently worth can be a complex matter that requires close collaboration with business owners, as well as a thorough understanding of business marketing and sales. You’ll enjoy working with Glen Brown because he has the expertise to determine price and goes a step further, getting to know you to understand your personal situation and unique needs.

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Step 2: Who is Your Buyer?

Who is going to buy your business? Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, and consequently they have many reasons for buying a business. Understanding the prospective buyer’s point of view is extremely important. Because Glen Brown has firsthand experience with buying and selling businesses, he understands how buyers think. He also utilizes the latest tools of the trade to market your business, reaching qualified prospects and fielding inquiries. Additionally, he personally checks out prospective business buyers to see if they are the right fit before introducing them to the sellers.

Step 3: Finalizing the Sale of Your Business

Get the best value for your business! The ultimate reward for the time, talent and hard work that went into building your business is getting a fair price. Glen Brown is committed to maximizing the selling price, achieving his client’s goals and making the process as easy as possible. Additionally, a good business broker streamlines the sales process for buyers and sellers. Clients appreciate Glen’s focus and precision in finalizing the sale of a business. His experience and hands-on approach makes the business sales process simple and easy.